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Ugolini Viaggi has a very vast selection of coaches, car and vans for any request. Since more than 50 years we have been working in tourism. Discover how and where travel with us.

We like to speak about the word tourism in the original meaning of travelling around, following a program looking for something new. That is why our range of services cover all kind of fields in the tourism industry.

Shown below some of our working enviroments:

  • wine and food tourism
  • weddings
  • scholastic tourism
  • religious and pilgrims tourism
  • eco and sports tourism
  • incoming and outgoing
  • daily and weekly tours
  • transfer from airports, hotels, harbour, fairs
  • vip and ceremonial services
  • national and international events, parade





On your wedding day you can count on us for a professional and qualified service. We will take great care of your guests. Also discover an amazing offer!

On your wedding day, you can arrange transportation by coach for your family and friends attending to the celebration. This is for sure the most convenient solution for you and for them. By doing so you will avoid them to get stuck in traffic jam, risking to be late; they won't need to look for parking, dealing with maps or GPS navigation device. You won't worry about guests getting lost o being late; you will enjoy your day without any further worries. If you want your guests to have a carefree day, choose Ugolini Viaggi. With our long-time experience and our reliable, high quality service we will make your day even more memorable. 

Furthermore you could benefit from a 10% discount on the service you will be needed on the wedding day. Download here the coupon to ger the discount and we will contact you for a free estimate.



discover flavours and traditions

“Val-polis-cellae” probably means the valley rich in cellars. Our territory is abundant of traditions, flavours and excellent wine.

Come to discover this beautiful valley in the surrounding area of Verona.

Wine permeated Valpolicella since the Roman Age althought the success for the local wine arrived later on with the Amarone. This wine has became a testimonial of Gala and charme events, but the best thing is that you can still taste it directly in the cellars, surrounded by the wood barrel smell, and admiring its intens red color. This amazing experience is even more unique because it takes place in Valpolicella, a land of hills, olive-trees, vineyards, cherry-trees from where you catch sight of romantic Verona and Garda Lake.

Valpolicella is a paradise for tasting and sighting. We have lots of ideas to discover it better.


Tourist Bus

Are you in Malcesine and you would like to go back to the hotel or to eat an ice cream in the town centre, but you don't fell like walking? Don't worry the tourist bus is coming!

In this pearl of Garda Lake, since many years, we have been cooperating with the municipality and the Association of Hoteliers to provide a daily shuttle bus service (from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m.) from april till october. This service gives the opportunity to the tourist bus to reach the town centre from the hotel and return or to do the complete route to enjoy the wonderful panorama on the lake. Along the route there are a lot of tourist-bus stops and the shuttle runs every hour. The ticket costs 1,20 €  (children below 8 years are free of charge) and you can buy it on board, in restaurants, shops and partner hotels. This is a service provided by Ugolini Viaggi, try it and you will try it again.

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